Gregor Schneider
End of the Museum—12 Stations
Station 5: Kobe Art Village Center
Self-Consuming Production

The 2nd-floor hall of Kobe Art Village Center will present film footage of Die Familie Schneider,where the artist built entire rooms with twin performances staged in London in 2004. The camera enters a row house on an East End street, passes through the kitchen and living room, peers into the bathroom and bedroom upstairs, and descends underground. In the kitchen a women washes dishes, and in the bathroom a man is masturbating. The viewer feels embarrassed by the awkwardness of having entered a stranger’s home and the unnatural quality of the two people continuing to perform the same actions while completely ignoring visitors’ presence. This sense of desperation fades once we leave this house and enter the identical one right next door, but in its place we are gripped by an altogether different set of bizarre sensations. Footage of Schneider’s well-known works House u r and Death House u r are also be screened as double projection.


Station 5: Kobe Art Village Center Self-Consuming Production

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5-3-14 Shinkaichi, Hyogo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
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Kobe Kosoku Line "Shinkaichi" station. 5 min on foot from exit 8. JR "Kobe" station. 10 min on foot from exit Vierra Kobe. Seishin-Yamate Line of the Kobe Municipal Subway "Minatogawakōen" station. 15 min on foot from East 5 exit