Open Days of Station 6 & 7 Has been Added


It’s been decided that Station 6: Private House 1 Self-Consuming Action and Deprivation and Station 7: Private House 2 Ecstasy by Gregor Schneider End of the Museum—12 Stations will be open on 20th (Sun) and 22nd (Tue) October.
The tour timetale is the same as usual.

Station 6: 13:40-14:00/14:20-14:40/15:20-15:40/15:45-16:05
Station 7: 13:40-14:10/14:10-14:40/14:40-15:10/15:10-15:40/15:45-16:15

*Reservation only: Please make a reservation at Station 5 and come there a few minutes before the tour time.
*Only those who have a ticket to view all works can join the tours.
*Note that Station 5 "Self-Consuming Production" is closed.